The CWC's mission is to extend the gospel of Jesus Christ, promote spiritual and personal growth, build friendship and interdependence, and widen mental horizons. The CWC also aims to support the united ministries of the Church of God through gifts of finance and leadership.

Questions? Contact Terry Fry or the church office.

Women's Bible Study

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Weekly Schedule

We meet as a group of women, on select morning & nights, searching out God’s Word.  We allow Him to teach us and guide us into new understanding.  The Holy Spirit is our Guide and His Word is our text.  Each individual study group collectively picks a book from the Holy Bible to study.  As we read the text, we normally pause and open it to discussion and questions.  Life application and spiritual growth is our focus.  From this, we experience good Christian fellowship and friendship that leads to lasting relationships.  All this while having a great time!
The Women's organization attends regional and state meetings and participates in other spiritual and fellowship activities throughout the year. Our women's group meets once each week for breakfast and fellowship, take a look at our Church calendar for time and location.

Monday Mornings 10:00am (except 1st Monday of the Month) at Heritage Church of God for Bible Study and Coffee

Bible Studies Schedule for Men & Women

Sunday Evenings  5:30pm  at Heritage Church of God  Sunday Sermon Review and Discussion

Monday Evenings 7:30pm  at Heritage Church of God Bible Busters Study Group

Wednesday Evenings 7:00am  at Heritage Church of God Bible Study

Look on the church calendar within this site for more activities of great fellowship at Heritage