New 2017 Welcome Video Coming with Senior Pastor Robert Fry Soon


Welcome to Heritage Church of God!

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At Heritage Church of God we try to be the church of your fondest memories.
The church where you dedicated your life to Christ, where you were baptized
and where you met your best friends. We allow the Spirit of God
to lead us into the good paths. We expect to have the abundant life.
When you take a close look at Heritage Church of God, you will see we have many activities,
but that is not what Heritage is about. The activities are just a by-product of a growing and active church.
We are not a copy. We are just what we are; a church doing its best to put God first in our lives and
allowing Him to build the church. Jesus is the corner stone and we build upon that rock.
We have no membership. We believe that a born again experience makes you a member.
If God accepts you, then it is our duty to accept you on His terms.
Heritage is a place to worship, serve, play and lean on in troubled times.
May God enrich you as you learn about His church.

Pastor Bob